March 30, 2008

Another weekend home

well yesterday was very boring day for me , or should i say this whole weekend was pretty much a BLAH... yesterday my parents && my little sister left to my aunt's house to drink and so i decided to stay home 'cause it was super cold yesterday [[so much for spring]] so home alone & bored i decided to have my own photo shoot & so i got dressed with my favorite dress & took pictures of myself i had a pretty good time, then i changed into another outfit but i just did so because it was cold & i wanted cheese crackers today my aunt & family is coming over to drink and eat and i really have no idea on whether i should stay or leave with my friend and do nothing at her house ...either way i will write about if i decide to do anything

here is the picture collage i made from the pictures i took yesterday & another which i didn't feel like fitting into the collage

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