April 14, 2008

Fashion in tokyo

Tokyo style: street chic

the lovely Yuuki Kawano of 19 years of age is wearing a very cute pink on pink dress with fun accessories and median high metallic pink boots adding a touch of darkness with a black long sleece shirt and black tights.

come back for the trends in other cities

March 30, 2008

Another weekend home

well yesterday was very boring day for me , or should i say this whole weekend was pretty much a BLAH... yesterday my parents && my little sister left to my aunt's house to drink and so i decided to stay home 'cause it was super cold yesterday [[so much for spring]] so home alone & bored i decided to have my own photo shoot & so i got dressed with my favorite dress & took pictures of myself i had a pretty good time, then i changed into another outfit but i just did so because it was cold & i wanted cheese crackers ....now today my aunt & family is coming over to drink and eat and i really have no idea on whether i should stay or leave with my friend and do nothing at her house ...either way i will write about if i decide to do anything

here is the picture collage i made from the pictures i took yesterday & another which i didn't feel like fitting into the collage

March 09, 2008


so i have been kind of busy lately .school project.exams.& getting ready for my sophomore finals [[bummer]]
well so i have decided to start the " who wore it best" because i haven't seen it in any blogs so far so this weeks "who wore it best" would be LINDSAY LOHAN &CAMERON DIAZ. VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE

February 26, 2008


wow so i was like looking through all my pictures and i have noticed the difference in my wardrobe ...take a look....the first 2 are from my freshman year and the second two are from now

February 20, 2008

My inspiration and what not

So i was always changing my mind of what i wanted to do when i get older. Even though i am only 15 is always good to think about what you want in terms of your career. i went from wanting to be a teacher,joining the navy, dermatologist, plastic surgeon and so on. Then i started to think about a career in which i wouldn't wake up every morning saying "darn here we go again". I have always loved fashion and coming from a small town which I'm sure none of you have heard of "Lawrence" [[right next to Boston, same state]] i always wanted to be different than the trends they have here you know the whole fruity retro 80's thing, example:

...don't get me wrong it's kinda hot but not when a whole town of like 5 miles wide is wearing the same trend. Therefore i like to choose a few descent trends and put them together making sure I don't look like a mess of course. So anyways as i came across a "myspace friend" i realized i want to get involved in the fashion industry. I refer to her by her mysapce name "HELL ON HIGH HEELS"
I simply love her style. most people have actual famous people as their inspiration but i can say she is my inspiration. not that i dont have my fashion icons like Nicole Richie, "Blair" from Gossip girl and so on but but for inspiration is her for sure. Well i will try to keep posting blogs as much as i can but this would be it for today.
*Have a nice day everyone*